• Episode Five: The Right Know

    In this final episode, we talk to people and organizations helping Survivors and families find out what happened in sanatoria and segregated hospitals in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. They describe barriers to accessing records and how knowing what happened and sharing experiences contribute to Survivors’ healing. We also look at the on-going inadequacies in health…

  • Episode Four: “So, I Lie On In Bed Till I Feel I Shall Burst”

    In this episode, we focus on patients’ lived experiences in Manitoba and Alberta in provincial sanatoria and what were called “Indian hospitals.” There were almost 30 Indian hospitals across Canada – 15 in the Prairie Provinces alone. In this series, we look at the practices, policies, and official correspondence to reveal the intentional actions and…

  • Episode Three. “This Criminal Disregard for the Treaty Pledges”

    In this episode, we examine governments’ continued lack of action and accountability, Bryce’s The Story of a National Crime, medical experimentation, and another type of experiment: the preventorium.

  • Episode Two: “A Condition Disgraceful to the Country”

    He became the Chief Medical Health Officer of Ontario. He wrote the very first Health Code in Ontario. He was president of the American Public Health Association. He was a North American expert on public health. Dr. Peter Henderson Bryce wanted to become Canada’s first public health officer. When an opening came up at Indian…

  • Episode One: Sick People Need More Than Pills

    2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the publication of The Story of a National Crime. It was written by Dr. Peter Henderson Bryce. It was an eighteen-page pamphlet containing evidence of neglect, negligence and harm to First Nations children and their communities. From 1904 to 1913, Bryce was the medical inspector for the Department of…


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